AZ400 Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Course

Are you planning to pursue a Microsoft DevOps Engineer Certification? It requires you to clear the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert AZ-400 Exam. At LogicCircles, our dedicated instructors will polish your engineering skills through the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification course. 

Within the 4-day course, you will learn how to integrate process, technology, and people to deliver top-quality products and services, which will meet business and end-user needs with utmost perfection. 

In this course, you will have to complete your four-day lectures with our expert trainers. Besides, you will have continued access at training lab, where you can perform various tests in a real-world simulated environment. You can learn at a fast pace in this practice lab, and this quick learning will help you pass the AZ400 Exam successfully.

What's Required to Enroll for AZ-400?

You must have either Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate or Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate to opt for AZ-400 Certification or Course. Either certificate makes you an expert in DevOps- a prerequisite to speed-up learning in the AZ-400 course. Only an expert Administrator or Developer can handle this course exceptionally well.

It would help if you were a good fit for this course when you are well-versed with Agile practices within Azure. In other words, you must be good at the creation and implementation of some solution for version control, infrastructure, compliance. Etc. You must know how to release, build and test solutions through Azure tech.

What You'll Learn in the AZ-400 course?

Here are some concepts you will get a full grasp of during the 4-day lecturers of Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification course. will make the whole learning path enjoyable and straightforward for every candidate by offering them questionnaires, self-study papers, up-to-the-minute Microsoft courseware, and other helpful resources.

Course Outline

Module 1 DevOps Planning

Module 2 Using Source Control

Module 3 Enterprise DevOps’s Scaling Git  

Module 4 Artifacts Consolidation & Dependency Management Strategy Design

Module 5 Azure Pipelines Continuous Integration Implementation

Module 6 App Configuration and Secrets Management

Module 7 Code Quality and Security Policies Management

Module 8 Container Build Strategy Implementation

Module 9 Artifact security, versioning, and compliance Management

Module 10 Release Strategy Designing

Module 11 Release Management Workflow Plan

Module 12 Deployment pattern Implementation

Module 13 Routing system feedback to development teams Implementation

Module 14 Mobile DevOps strategy Implementation

Module 15 Azure Tools for Config and Infrastructure 

Module 16 Models and Services for Azure Deployment

Module 17 Kubernetes Service Infrastructure Design and Management

Module 18 Using Azure Code Tools for Third-Party Infrastructure  

Module 19 In-House Infrastructure compliance and Security Implementation

Module 20 System feedback mechanisms Design and Recommendation

Module 21 Feedback mechanisms Optimization

Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

In your exam, you will be tested for the following topics in a specific percentage mentioned below.