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Do you want to become Azure Security Engineering Associate? LogicCircles will help you take a fast step toward this high-demanding and lucrative career. Our Microsoft Certified trainers are ready to offer you a helping hand. All you have to do is to enroll yourself in our Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate.

A 4-day short training path will increase your experience and knowledge about various data encryption methods and network security that you can implement on Azure. Besides, this course will fully train you for security operation management, security services, and policy configuration. 

This 4-day course includes lectures, practice lab, and resources. We will enrich your skills and make you fully prepared for your upcoming AZ-500 Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate Exam.

What will You learn in the Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate Course?

Here are some main points about which you will get complete training, knowledge, and experience in our course.

  • Precise knowledge about Microsoft Azure Active Directory configuration for workloads
  • Effective ways for network security implementation
  • A clear idea of how to Implement Azure Data platform protection
  • Different ways to handle Azure security operation Management
  • Learning Identification of Azure Data Protection Mechanism
  • Gaining a complete grasp on Azure Specialized data classifications

What’s Required to Enroll in the AZ-500 Course?

Microsoft has set some criteria for a person interested in this course. The best candidate should have hands-on experience and knowledge about automation and scripting. A thorough understanding of virtualization and networking is a must for this course. Besides, a person can get a certificate quickly or speed up his learning process only when he has completed Azure product/services, cloud capabilities, and Microsoft product/services.

Course Outline

Module 1: Identity & Access

1.1 Azure Active Directory for workloads and subscriptions Configuration

1.2 Azure AD Privileged Identity Management Configuration

1.3 Azure subscription Security Configuration

Module 2: Protecting the Platform

2.1 Cloud security Fundamentals

2.2 Network Building

2.3 Network Security

2.4 Host security Implementation

2.5 Platform security Implementation

2.6 Subscription security Implementation

Module 3: Operational Security

3.1 Security services Configuration

3.2 Security policies Configuration with Azure Security Center

3.3 Security alerts Management

3.4 Security issues Remedy and Response

3.5 Security baselines Development

Module 4: Data & Apps

4.1 Security policies Configuration for Data Management 

4.2 Data infrastructure Security Configuration

4.3 Configuring Encryption for data at rest 

4.4 App Security Fundamentals 

4.5 App lifecycle Security Implementation 

4.6 App Security

4.7 Azure Key Vault Configuration and Management

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Here is a complete topic outline based on which your skills will be tested in the AZ-500 Exam. Check below a full percentage breakdown of topics covered in your exam. 

  • Manage Identity and Access Management (20-25%)
  • Platform Protection Implementation (35-40%)
  • Security Operations Management (15-20%)
  • Data and Applications Security (30-35%)