Azure Developer Course AZ-204

Every developer has a dream to earn high. Nothing can offer better earning potential than cloud design and development. Are you working as a developer for almost a year or more? You should soar up in your career ladder by enrolling for the Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate course. 

The certification from Logic Circles validates your experience and knowledge and works as proof that you are highly skilled in developing apps and services, Azure. It assures your client that you have all the required skills to build, test, design, and maintain the most sophisticated cloud-based application on Azure.

Our highly skilled trainers will make you fully prepared for the Certified Microsoft Azure Developer Associate course AZ-204. We help you kickstart your journey of becoming a Successful Azure Developer.

What's Required to Enroll in Azure Developer Course AZ-204?

Microsoft has set some pre-requisite for any developer interested in getting Azure Developer Associate Certifications. Here are the main requirements.

Course Outline

Module 1. Azure Compute Solutions Development

1.1 IaaS Solutions Implementation

1.2 Azure App service and Web app Creation

1.3 Azure Functions Implementation

Module 2. Azure Storage Development

2.1 Solution Development with Cosmos DB Storage

2.2 Solution Development with blob storage 

Module 3. Azure Security Implementation

3.1 User Authentications/Authorizations Implementation

3.2 Secure Cloud Solutions Implementation

Module 4. Azure Solutions Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Optimization

4.1 Caching/Content Delivery Integration

4.2 Instrument Solutions for Optimization/Monitoring

Module 5. Azure/Third Party Services Connection/Consumption

5.1 Development of App Service Logic app

5.2 Event-Based Solutions Developments

5.3 Massage based solution development 

5.4 API management and development

What You Will Learn?

During this course, Microsoft Azure Developers will learn the following things.

It’s time to take a step toward a high-earning potential career. Your experience in software development makes you the perfect candidate for the Azure Developer Associate course. Enroll yourself in this course and pass the AZ204 Exam. Azure Developer Associate Certificate is globally recognized. After this certificate, you can create cloud solutions and apps for a client from any part of the world. Imagine earning potential from a global client base, and this image is good enough to make up your mind for a course that matters the most.