CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-501 Course

Are you Ready to Kickstart your Cyber Security Career? It would be best if you opted for CompTIA Security+ +Certification, which is well-recognized worldwide. You will learn core cybersecurity skills to handle fundamental security functions and strive for a successful IT career. Our 3-day CompTIA Security course will equip you with baseline skills to perform entry-level and intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs.

What You’ll Learn from This Course?

You will learn the following concepts during a 3-day course:

CompTIA Security+ +Certification SY0-501 Course Outline

Module 1: Attacks, Threats, Vulnerabilities
1.1 Compromise Indicators Analysis
1.2 Malware Types Identifications
1.3 Types of Attacks Comparison/Contrast

Module 2: Manage Identity and Access
2.1 Identity and access management controls Implementation
2.2 Standard account management practices Differentiation

Module 3 Tools & Technologies
3.1 Common Security Issues Troubleshooting
3.2 Secure Mobile Device Deployment

Module 4: Risk Assessment and Management
4.1 Policies Importance Explanation
4.2 Organization Security Procedures and Plans

Module 5: Design & Architecture
5.1 Secure App Development Summary
5.2 Virtualization, cloud, and deployment concepts

Module 6: Cryptography & PKI
6.1 Public Key Infrastructure Implementation
6.2 Cryptography Basic Concepts Comparison/Contrast

CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-501 Exam Guide

The whole focus of this exam is to test your cybersecurity handling skills. Examiners will try to evaluate your skill set by asking questions about risk management, assessment, and mitigation. Questions will test how good a candidate is at identifying and handling various security threats and vulnerabilities.

Exam unlocks 90 questions, and you will have 90 minutes to solve the sheet. Once you complete the exam, then you will have an optional exit survey to deal with. It comprises 12 MCQs. This survey brings to light some questions regarding your reason for getting this certification and methods of making yourself prepared for this exam.

As far as exam questions are concerned, it will be a subtle mix of drag/drop activities, performance-based items, and Multiple Choice Questions.

As soon as you complete the exam SY0-501, you will be able to check the results right away.

SY0-501 Exam Domains

In the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam, the examiner will test your skills by focusing on following six topics: