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Are you looking for headhunters to handle your information & cybersecurity staffing needs? LogicCircles exists to connect Top Talent with the Best Business Opportunity. We are a leading Talent acquisition solution provider for SMEs, Multinational companies, and global organizations.

We help our clients to Find the Right Talent with our Super Flexible Contract services. – you can hire cyber security professionals for full-time, part-time, or project-based contracts.

What Do We Offer ?

Whenever you are ready to beef up your cyber security team, LogicCircles is there to help you every step of the way. The best way to combat cyber threats is to have the right people in your team. Here is how we offer peace of mind to our customers. 

Industry-Leading Talent Pool 

Posting a job online means filling your inbox with thousands of resumes. Finding the most sought-after talent from this big pool becomes a challenge- which you can readily overcome with our contract services—no need to go through tons of resumes or waste your precious time. 


We have spent years getting to know and understanding the expertise of Top talents of the industry. As a result, we have experts in our circles who are ready to add value to an organization that can afford and understand the value of their career goals.

The Right Candidate For Your Culture 

We always help you find the Precise MATCH for your job specifications and organizational culture. We know very well that compensation isn’t the only job satisfaction factor for Professionals. They perform better when they feel included in a company and when their core values align with their culture. We rest assured that you can prevent musical chair games in your security department by hiring an expert from our network.

Unprecedented Expertise

Our network includes top-performing, passionate, and highly skilled cyber security professionals. Your success is our success; therefore, we always strive to pair you up with the brightest talent that brings value to your company and help you grow. Our knowledgeable and savvy professionals are highly dedicated and result-driven. They have years of success under their belts.

Competitive Edge

If you are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing and highly dynamic landscape of the digital world, we help you stay ahead of your competitors. With us, you can find fully vetted and certified cyber security talent who are well-equipped to protect the interests of your customers, employees, business, and stakeholders. In addition, they will take responsive, detective, and defensive measures to provide you significant advantages over your competitors.Are you ready to beat the competition and become a Champion?

Immediate Placement

We know Time is Valuable for your organization. Once you decide about hiring a professional, filling this position becomes our top priority. However, we never compromise Quality for Speed. We will make sure that we deliver the security expertise you require on-site as quickly as you expect.


LogicCircle is strongly committed to security and confidentiality. That’s why we can’t provide you with a list of our high-profile clients- who have been enjoying our contract services and are ready to vouch for our outstanding talent. But, we would be more than happy to furnish references upon request. 

  • Here is a list of Special Positions we filled recently for our valued clients:

ISO27001 Consultant

Security Operations Manager

Data Privacy Consultant

Security Auditor

Security Policy Advisor

Technology Risk Consultant

Head of IT Security

Senior Network Specialist

Network Architect

 IDS/IPS Analyst

Web App Security Tester


How Does it Work ?

The process is very simple.

STEP 1- You share job descriptions and all the requirements for an open job vacancy or a professional you need at your organization.

STEP 2- We explore our network of trusted, certified, and vetted consultants from all security disciplines so we can better match talent with job opportunities you have at your place.

STEP 3- We deliver fully vetted resources in less than 24 hours at our client’s site.

Note: If we don’t find someone matching your criteria, we will inform you instead of sending you a CV.

It’s time to take a step forward and start moving in the Right Circle. We warmly welcome every client and are always ready to find you the talent you are looking for.

Why Choose Our Contract Services?

LogicCircles brings contract services that are:

  • Highly Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Super Flexible
  • Highly Affordable
  • Fully Customized

Need assistance with cyber security staffing or recruitment? Let LogicCircles provide you with the best solution in the form of top-notch talent.