Your dream of becoming an aspiring cloud security expert will start from getting baseline skills through our ISC2-CISSP course. Our dedicated instructors at LogicCircles use an innovative training approach. They will cover six domains of this course only in six days. Each day, they will uncover concepts of a specific domain and help you boost your knowledge and hands-on experience about cloud security. 

CCSP is one of the highly demanded certifications around the world. This certificate is beneficial not only for a career-oriented professional but also for a business person. If your business has outdated cloud apps and approaches, you open doors for cybercriminals. There is a need to understand the latest Cloud security concepts to keep confidential/sensitive cloud data secure.

As a Cloud security expert, you will learn how to protect sensitive cloud data. From identifications of threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities to their ultimate mitigation strategies, you will learn it all in only six days. 

ISC2-CCSSP Course Outline

Module 1: Cloud Concepts Design and Architecture 

1.1 Understanding of Cloud Computing Concepts

1.2 Cloud Reference Architecture Description

1.3 Cloud Computing related Security Concepts Understanding

1.4 Understand Secure Cloud Computing Design Principles

1.5 Cloud Service Providers Evaluation

Module 2: Cloud Data Security in Cloud Platform

2.1 Cloud Data Concepts Explanation

2.2 Cloud Data Storage Architectures Designing and Implementation

2.3 Data Security Technologies and Strategies Designing and Application

2.4 Data Discovery Implementation

2.5 Data Classification Implementation

2.6 Information Rights Management (IRM) Designing and Implementation

2.7 Data Retention, Deletion and Archiving Policies Planning, and Implementation

2.8 Designing and Implementation of Data Events Accountability, Auditability, and Traceability 

Module 3: Secure Cloud Platform and Infrastructure  

3.1 Cloud Infrastructure Components Introduction

3.2 Secure Data Center Designing

3.3 Cloud Infrastructure related Risks Analysis

3.4 Security Controls Planning and Designing

3.5 Disaster Recovery (DR) & Business Continuity (BC) Planning

Module 4: Secure Cloud Application  

4.1 Application Security Awareness, Training, and Advocacy

4.2 SDLC Process Description

4.3 SDLC Process Application

4.4 Cloud Software Assurance and Validation Application

4.5 Secure Software Verification 

4.6 Introduction of Cloud Application Architecture Specific 

4.7 IAM Solutions Designing

Module 5: Operations of Cloud Security  

5.1 Physical and Logical Cloud-based Infrastructure Design and Implementation

5.2 Run Physical and Logical Cloud-based Infrastructure 

5.3 Physical and Logical Cloud-based Infrastructure Management

5.4 Operational Controls and Standards Implementation (ITIL), (ISO/IEC) 20000-1)

5.5 Digital Forensics Support

5.6 Communication with Relevant Parties Management

5.7 Security Operations Management

Module 6: Risk, Legal, and Compliance 

6.1 Understand Unique Risks and Legal Requirement of Cloud Environment

6.2 Articulate Privacy Issues

6.3 Cloud Environment Audit Process and Required Adaptation Concept

6.4 Cloud Implications to Enterprise Risk Management Concept

6.5 Cloud Outsourcing and Contract Design Concept

CCSP: Certified Cloud Security Professional Exam Guide

The exam duration is three hours. It’s an extensive exam comprising 124 Multiple Choice Questions. You must need 700 marks out of 1000 to pass this exam. At, we will ensure that our comprehensive 6-day course lets you pass your official (ISC)2 CCSP successfully in the first sitting. 

In case you don’t pass it on the first attempt, you can retake the exam after 90-days while we offer a guarantee “Train again free” to every learner. 

Examiners will test your skills in six different domains mentioned below. The corresponding percentage breakdown offers a clear idea of question coverage from a specific domain.