Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ 304 course

It is a second step of becoming an Azure Architect Expert, while the first step is to enroll yourself in the AZ-303 course. LogicCircles offers a helping hand to any AS Administrator to transform into an expert Architect within a week. The main requirement of this position is to pass AZ-304 and AZ-303 Exams.

 Thankfully, we have a one-stop-shop to become an Azure Architect. We are offering a 4-day course of AZ-303 and 2-day instructor-based training and course of AZ-303. After a week of training, you will be ready to pass both AZ 303 and AZ 304 Exams. You will get Microsoft Azure Architect Expert Certification.

In case you are only interested in the AZ-304 course, it’s best suited to your needs when you want to advise stakeholders about secure and reliable solution developments so that businesses can meet every latest demand and challenge of the world.

Our expert instructors will guide you all about security and identity management within two days while staying within the Azure context. Besides, this training will enhance your experience and knowledge of long-term data storage and data streaming.

What's Required to Enroll in Microsoft Azure Design Architect Course AZ-304?

Microsoft has set some requirements for eligible candidates for this course. If you plan to become an Azure Architect Design Expert, you should meet the following prerequisites.

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction 

Module 2 Complete Design Monitoring in Azure

Module 3 Identity and Security Designing in Azure

Module 4 Data Storage Designing in Azure

Module 5 Infrastructure Designing in Azure

Module 6 Business Continuity Designing in Azure

What will You learn?

After completing this 2-day course, you will surely pass the exam AZ-304. It’s because Logic Circles Mimic Organization structure enhances your understanding of critical concepts such as Design Monitoring, Design Identity, and Design Security. You will be well-prepared for exams.

Exam AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Here is the percentage breakdown of different concepts that you need to prepare yourself for passing the AZ-304 Exam.