Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303

Do you want to become an Azure Infrastructure expert? LogicCircles’s Trainers are here to assist you in this journey of becoming an expert and earning millions of rupees every year from the Azure Cloud Infrastructure platform.

Enroll in our 4-day Course Microsoft Certified Architect Technologies course. During this Course, you will learn to do precise configuration and deployment of Azure Cloud Infrastructure for your business and clients. From the implementation of workload to security management, this Course covers every aspect of this field.

You will get a complete understanding of cloud and Azure storage’s different layers. Our expert trainers will guide you about the most efficient methods of keeping business data secure.

What Will You Learn from this Course?

Here are vital points you will complete during this comprehensive Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies course.

What’s Required for Enrolling in AZ-303?

Microsoft has set some criteria for a candidate interested in enrolling himself in the AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam. Before you enroll yourself in this course, you should follow some prerequisites such as:

Course AZ-303 Exam outline

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Module 1: VMs for Windows and Linux Implementation

Module 2: Resources Automated Deployment and Configuration

Module 3: Virtual Networking Implementation

Module 4: Load Balancing/ Network Security Implementation

Module 5: Storage Accounts Implementation

Module 6: Azure Active Directory Implementation

Module 7: Azure Governance Implementation and Management

Module 8: Hybrid Identities Management and Development

Module 9: Workloads Management in Azure

Module 10: Cloud Infrastructure Implementation/Monitoring

Module 11: App Security Management

Module 12: App Infrastructure Implementation

Module 13: Container-Based App Implementation

Module 14: NoSQL Databases Implementation

Module 15: Azure SQL Databases Implementation

Azure AZ 303 Exam Guideline: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

What to do Next?

Once you pass Azure AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam, the next thing to do is enroll in Microsoft certified AZ304 course at to pass AZ-304 Exam.

Once you successfully pass both AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams, they will help you get Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. This globally-recognized certification helps you kickstart your career as an Expert Azure Architect.