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Are you planning to kickstart your career in cloud computing? What could be the better choice than to attain Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification? provides you all the mentorship, resources, and skills required to successfully pass the AZ900 exam, which will set your career foundation and help you soar high in IT avenues. 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals courses are the best fit for a beginner in the Cloud computing world and want to pick a lucrative career. This learning path will offer you a complete understanding of Microsoft Azure, its product/services, pricing, support, Azure Subscriptions, and cloud computing. 

It provides you a chance to understand the best way to establish a proper Azure Virtual network. Besides, you will learn all about VMs configuration in the Azure portal. This certification is helpful for an entrepreneur who can become an expert in Azure storage and database deployment.

What will You learn?

The core concept of Azure Compliance, Trust, security, and Privacy

  • Azure pricing and support Understanding
  • Azure services and cloud concepts Details
  • Azure Web Apps Description and Creation
  • Azure AD Description and Use

Microsoft Azure Fundamental AZ900 Course Outline

Module 1: Cloud Computing Concepts and Terminology

Module 2: Fundamental Azure Product/ Services

Module 3: Microsoft Azure Compliance, Privacy, Trust, and Security

Module 4: Azure Subscriptions Pricing and Support

What’s Required to Enroll in this course?

If you want to participate in the AZ-900 course, Microsoft requires you to have a complete understanding of cloud computing. This course is designed for beginners who have a plan to become familiar with Microsoft Azure World.

This course’s best candidates must have some know-how of core tech concepts like network, computing, storage, application development, and application support. Through this course, candidates can gather knowledge of Azure workload, Azure privacy/security, Azure pricing/support, and Azure services. 

You can use Azure Fundamental Certifications to gain further specialty certification of Azure or prepare for another Azure-Role-based certification.

In AZ-900 examiner will test your skills like how well you can describe core Microsoft Azure concepts related to:

  • Cloud
  • Network security features
  • Azure Management tools
  • Core Solutions
  • Core Azure Services
  • Compliance, privacy, identity, governance
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Azure Cost and pricing management

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Guide

You will be tested for the following concepts in your AZ-900 exam. The percentage breakdown gives you an idea of how these concepts will be covered in your exam.

  • Cloud concepts Understanding (15-20%)
  • Core Concepts of Azure services Understanding (30-35%)
  • Azure compliance, trust, security, and Privacy Understanding (25-30%)
  • Azure pricing and support Understanding (20-25%)