Our Team

Our Skills

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Our People

With their world-class expertise in the government, commercial, and ethical hacking communities, our exceptional cybersecurity team is passionate about building a secure digital society.

We intend to drive a substantial difference to our clients’ cybersecurity and our specialists are leading men and women from diverse cultures representing the best worldwide expertise.

With concerted efforts to build a company culture based on collaboration, learning, and all-around fun, we’ve managed to draw some of the best talents in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Working around the clock to protect our clients, we embed cybersecurity throughout their organization: building resilience, safeguarding sensitive data, and enabling them to focus on achieving their ambitions. We identify emerging risks and evolving cyber threats to stay ahead of the curve through our investigation and security intelligence.

Our team has successfully served top corporate leaders, heads of states, governments, movie stars, Fortune 500 and FTSE100 organizations, and their initiatives at the BBC, ITV, Sky, CNBC, The Telegraph, Yahoo, and many other global platforms.