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A data breach happens inside an organization  mostly due to human error. There is a need to educate your staff and employees about information security to ensure paramount business safety. Our security awareness consultancy service offers educational training. We equip every organization member with the information. We will highlight significant security threats so employees can detect, prevent and stop any malicious attack on time. Members of the organization who can make the most of this training include employees, temps, contractors, or any other person who handles authorized online tasks for the organization. Through this consultancy, they learn to protect themselves and organization assets from a data breach, harm, or loss.

What is Security Awareness Training?

It is a program designed to help system users and employees get a clear picture of their information security breaches’ roles. The training uncovers common risks and threats faced by employees at the workplace. Besides, it helps them understand proper cyber hygiene, identification of cyber attacks related to email/internet, prevention, and cybersecurity risk associated with their actions.

Why Do Your Employees Need Security Training?

5 out of 10 times, a cybersecurity threat turns into the most considerable enterprise risk as an employee opens an unsolicited email or follows a link that he shouldn’t. This one action from an employee costs an organization extensive operational downtime. Improper document disposal or tailgating in the physical world can adversely affect your business.

There is an immense need for an effective security awareness program organization-wide. This IT strategy will address common cyber mistakes by an employee and help an organization prevent the loss of money, brand reputation, etc.

Topics we Cover in Security Awareness Training

We keep adding new topics in our security awareness program based on emerging cybersecurity threats. We add some personalized topics that entirely reflect security risks about your organization. Besides our comprehensive training, we offer short training programs to focus on trending cyber topics or some specialty training strategy to highlight new data privacy regulations.

  • Email Scams/Phishing
  • Malware Attacks
  • Safe use of Removable media
  • Password Security
  • Social Media Danger and Solutions
  • Developing Safe Internet Habits
  • Physical Security/Environmental controls
  • Data Protection, Management, Control
  • Clean Desk Policy/Office Hygiene
  • Safe use of Internet Devices
  • Compliance for HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR
  • Insider Threats
  • Privacy Issues
  • CEO/Wire Fraud
  • Data in Motion

Why Choose us?

Here are three reasons that make LogicCircles’ Trainers your ultimate choice for your staff’s Security Awareness training.

  • Expert Content: We use an interactive approach for pinpointing cybersecurity threats. Your staff gets their hand on a comprehensive module and will have interrupted access to expert content. We equip them with leading industry resources to boost their understanding on the subject matter.
  • An Phishing Test Simulation: We help your employee perform some basic security tests to identify and detect cyber threats/risks. After this training, they know how to conduct a phishing test to deal with common workplace cybersecurity risks.
  • An Effective Training Method: One-day training programs overwhelm employees with lots of information that they can’t digest or, in worst cases, forget easily. believes in continued education that we regularly deliver in small doses. We strategically provide vital pieces of information, so employees remain engaged and learn during their busy schedules. We don’t employ boring messages and fear-based educational practices. Instead, we add a dash of humor in the situational-based training approach so employees can gain and retain their knowledge about critical security topics. Don’t become a victim of cyber threats only because your staff made a mistake. Please train your employee to mitigate common workplace-related security risks.