Application Security

Application Security

Every business operation relies on numerous applications. What happens when one of those applications is infected and disrupts the whole system? Damage caused by one such application will spread like wildfire in the system and infect other applications in no time.

Imagine closing your business operations in the different departments only to identify the root problem. Closing business means losing an enormous amount of money.

We understand this critical scenario. Thereby our expert cybersecurity professionals come to test the security level of every application you have been using in your enterprise.

We leverage our years of industry experience to pinpoint pressing security challenges and threats you might face. We identify problems and come up with the best solutions to never have operational lockdown and business loss.

What is Application Security?

It is a process of making applications secure by identifying and repairing possible security threats and issues found through latest scanning and testing techniques. Attacking vulnerable applications of the corporate world is a favorite hobby of hackers as they can access confidential data and resources.

During the application development phase, it’s essential to check the level of security of an application before launching it for the general public. Tons of security tools are used to boost application security and to reduce security challenges and threats.

Application Security Process:

Here is a comprehensive process of application security we use to secure your business applications.

  • Creating a List of Application, You use in Your business
  • Performing Tests and scans on Every Application
  • Comparing old Scans with New Ones
  • Identifying and Fixing All the issues
  • Re-testing all the issues
  • Report Submission

We use the following Application Security tools:

  • Arxan Application Protection
  • Black Duck From Synopsys
  • Burp Suite From PortSwigger
  • CA / Veracode App Security Platform

Our Services

Our cybersecurity consultant offers a complete package to guarantee your peace of mind from application security to strategic advisory. We will create a security shield for your network applications without limiting any business operation. You can focus on your work while we ensure your application security.

New Application Security Services

In case you have a plan to launch a new application and need experts who can mentor all about the application security phase, please feel free to connect with Being the leading cybersecurity service provider in London, our security professionals know every aspect of application security.

Our team will go above and beyond to secure your application at 360 degrees in beta testing so that you can have a successful launch of your new application.