Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration requires an investment of resources, efforts, and money. Organizations can’t handle this task independently as it demands specialized knowledge and skills, which cloud experts of LogicCircles have. We offer you the clarity you need to ensure successful cloud migration.

Our experts offer you a clear picture of cloud strength, challenges, and constraints within your application portfolio. We explain where you are standing right now and where you will be landing after migration. An optimal migration path of cloud applications explains exactly when (now, later, or never)an application should move to the cloud.

We determine the best migration path after taking into consideration the full cloud workload of your organization. Our strategic approach lets you obtain cloud value right away while avoiding costly false starts.

How Does Cloud Migration Work?

As soon as you hire our cloud experts, they start evaluating your unique application landscape to understand the cloud readiness of your organization. We will identify resources, dependencies, and requirements of cloud workload. Our cloud experts suggest the best-fit cloud provider as per your business needs. We craft cloud workload migration plans that uncover achievable goals and milestones.

Our Cloud Migration Services Include:

  • Cloud Migration Cost Forecast:
    Cost is the primary element that makes and breaks the whole migration process. We share expense sheets during and after migration alongside granular insights, so your organization would never encounter sticker shock. Our cloud team will provide a comprehensive track record to ensure cost-controlled cloud migration from predicting cloud cost to actual expense alignment.
  • Effective Cloud Migration Strategy:
    Want to avoid cloud infrastructure infiltration and data breach disaster? Our team looks into your business security, and compliance needs to craft a successful cloud migration strategy. We use top-notch tools to perform cloud assessments and then continue evaluating workload requirements. After a detailed cloud model comparison, we build a plan that best fits your organization’s process. Our cloud experts help you in the complete migration process.
  • Cloud Workload Assessment:
    You can’t use all financial resources to migrate every application on the cloud, it’s a costly approach, and we don’t recommend it at all. Thereby, we assess the application portfolio to decide what application should run on the cloud and wait. We ensure that cloud workload remains secure and compliant. Besides, we evaluate workload dependencies and resources to have a cost-effective fit.
  • Cloud Application Migration Planning:
    Insight from cloud assessment workloads would help you create a cost-effective migration plan for applications. This plan will best fit your business needs, security, and compliance.

The program includes the following parts:

  • Cloud Landscape Optimization: We offer an insight into strategic application portfolio analysis, business readiness, and re-architecture recommendations.
  • Cloud Application Migration: Our team will do cloud app migration and optimization while handling their security, compliance, and cost. Our services include auto-scaling, automated testing, DevOps monitoring, deployment, disaster recovery, high availability, and data protection.

Cloud migration is a nightmare without assistance from cloud experts. Connect with our highly skilled team to streamline this challenging task for your organization’s benefits.