Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

Business stakeholders and C-Level executives require direction and clarity for their organization’s cybersecurity posture, and they strive to have maximum return on every investment they put on IT infrastructure. Experts from LogicCircles can help you strengthen your business cybersecurity posture by boosting Return on Investment (ROI) and resilience.

What is Cyber Security Posture Assessment?

Assessment is the crucial step in explaining to an organization where they are standing at current time and what is missing in their security posture. This gap analysis will let you boost their cybersecurity maturity level. We integrate all cybersecurity factors in a complete package of Cybersecurity Posture Assessment so that you have a 360 view of your organization’s internal and external security posture. The reports from this assessment unravel an actionable and strategic cybersecurity roadmap. Our quick-win recommendations help organizations meet their strategic information security goals.

How Does it work?

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your security level and share reports that tell you at what level your organization is standing at the moment.

Three Levels of Assessment Results

  • Low– This level requires immediate attention as the organization’s security posture is weak and thereby quite susceptible to security breaches and intrusion. The system isn’t good enough to deal with cyber attacks
  • Medium– This level explains that the organization has a basic security system, but its critical assets are prone to cyber-attacks. Business needs to improve security posture to avoid threats.
  • High– This level means an organization has a robot security system but still vulnerable to minor threats.

Comprehensive Report and Analysis

After analyzing your current posture, we will share a road map, which comprises standard industry practices you need to implement in your organization. Besides, we offer a well-designed posture correction strategy that you can set in place to increase the ROI of your organization.

Let us help you create the perfect security posture for your organization. The ideal posture assists you to identify threats, to prevent significant security risks, and to increase resilience at an industry-acceptable level.