Data and Privacy Protection Services

Our Data and Privacy Protection experts will evaluate your business data privacy and help you make the best strategies to stay in compliance with data governance policies.

Data Privacy Services

We won’t let unauthorized people access confidential and sensitive data/information of your business. Our consultant set a secure system in place so your business can get aligned with common data privacy law. You can map out a data privacy plan that helps you identify gaps, data privacy risks, and vulnerabilities with our help. Working with us means walking on Data Privacy and Protection compliance roadmap.

Our Services includes:

  • Privacy Impact Assessment: Our consultants organize a workshop for business clients who can get a complete understanding of the privacy dimensions of their business data. Our expert thoroughly explains how to assess data against standard criteria to determine the impact of data privacy on the current and future operation of an organization.
  • Data flow mapping: Identify risks related to data transfer, storage, and transfer so you can develop a transparent information system at the workplace.
  • Gap Assessment: Complete analysis of the company’s data protection strategy to pinpoint breach risks and gaps. The findings of this assessment help you stay in compliance with the implied privacy regulations.
  • Website Compliance Scanning: Your website must follow essential digital regulatory requirements related to user data privacy, ePrivacy standards, EU GDPR, and others. If you have some tracking technologies and cookies mechanism, we will set an appropriate disclaimer for every visitor.
  • Universal Consent and Preference Management: Our experts will develop and manage the entire consent lifestyle and integrate it into your IT and marketing systems.

Privacy Strategy and Implementation Services

Don’t have any data privacy plans at your workplace? Have one, but it’s not efficient? No worries, we will develop the best data privacy strategy as per your business requirements. From gap identification to the introduction of new data processes, we will handle it all to reduce your organization’s data protection risks.

Our Services include:

  • Data Management Solutions: Development and Implementation of data privacy strategies
  • Data analytics Solutions: We analyze your business data to offer some actionable insights such as design privacy, personal data compliant solutions, and customer behavior prediction.

Data Breach Notification and Incident Management

Our data privacy services providers manage it all, from resolving database security incidents to overcoming threats related to sensitive data. We bring a proactive approach to complete data security compliance and monitoring.

Our Services include:

  • Data Authenticity identification
  • Quick response generation
  • Report extracting and Scaling
  • Managing and controlling the incident impact
  • Preparing the organization for unexpected failures

Third-Party and Vendor Management

Your business connects with third parties, vendors, suppliers, and clients. They have access to your data, so let us ensure external data security.

Our services include:

  • Monitor connection with external parties
  • Identification and Management of third party data access
  • Handling contracts Creating reports and remediating risks
  • Risk Measurement, Management, Monitoring, and Response
  • Business Justification, obligations, and regulations

Data Protection

Business data encounters a variety of internal and external threats. Another big challenge is keeping business in compliance with the regulatory landscape. You have a lot on your plate; let our expert create a shield around your enterprise’s sensitive data so you won’t experience a data breach, loss, and other damages. We help you reduce the risk of data loss while securing your visible data availability.

Our Data Protection Services Include:

  • Data Protection Audit: We evaluate data flow in your business to identify gaps and vulnerability. Maybe your IT system needs upgrades or updates in policies and standards to keep up with data security, consistency, or quality. Our expert will perform an audit and give a thorough report.
  • Data Security Architecture: We deploy security layers for your data ( whether resting or in motion) in your hardware, software, or other business systems.
  • Data Security Implementation: We prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive business data. Our data security specialists use advanced tools and technology for data security system unification.
  • Data Encryption: Whether your data resides in storage or transit, our experts can encrypt it. Our wide assortment of data encryption services includes sophisticated data encryptions, setting data access policies, event monitoring, and much more.
  • Threat protection implementation: We can secure your web and mobile application from various cyber-attacks such as SQL injection, DDoS, XSS attack, CSRF, and Null byte attack.

GDPR Consulting services

Every European business person needs to follow the latest General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The guidelines of GDPR keep changing with time, and keeping up with the latest standards is nothing but a hassle. Don’t fret; our data compliance experts are ready to join hands with your team. We will boost your data privacy and protection in a way that you can achieve compliance in no time.

Our Services Include:

  • GDPR evaluation
  • Data Governance policies development
  • Dealing with privacy concerns of the market
  • Global data breach response
  • Data Protection and Privacy on Cloud

If you use the cloud for your business data, then you need to ensure data privacy and security on the cloud. Our cloud security experts will give you a fool-proof strategy to protect customer and business data secure on the cloud. Our data security services on the cloud are available for IBM, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and AWS cloud security.