Network Security

Network Security

How secure is your network against cybercriminal attacks and advanced data breaches? Installing antivirus software on your system won’t protect you from the latest cyber-attacks. The problem is business systems are static while hackers are highly advanced and evolving. They have been using new techniques to invade your system and misuse it for their financial gain.

Our proactive network security services let you identify potential cyber-attacks, prevent and stop them so that your business data remains secure from malicious attacks. One tier of network security isn’t good enough to deal with dynamic threats. We build multi-tiered security network detection and remediation systems for existing or new threats, so you are 100 percent sure about your Network security.

Types of Cyber Attacks on a Network

Here are the most common types of Cyber Attacks.

  • Insider Job: An outside party causes this cyber attack with assistance from an inside party or by misusing staff access control.
  • Brute Force Password Attacks: Hackers love to get access to passwords, so they opt for this common invading technique.
  • Zero-Day Attack: It’s a brand new security threat about which you have no security plan in place so to prevent the attack.
  • APTs: Term stands for Advanced Persistent Threat. It’s a kind of attack that is slow and long-term in nature. This breach remains in your system undetected for a long time and gets activated on a specific mission date.
  • DDoS: It stands for Distributed Denial of Service. This attack overload system with a botched request, so it turns off automatically.
  • Phishing: Hackers use email and website clones so they can find an entry point in your business network.
  • Ransomware: It’s the most dangerous form of cyber attack where hackers attack your system and disable it. They won’t restore your system to its proper functioning condition unless you pay them a ransom, they are demanding.

Why Hire our Network Security Experts?

Here are five reasons that make our services valuable for businesses of every size and type.

  • Cost-Effective Security Solutions: Setting a Cybersecurity department in-house means hiring an expert team and investing in their training and resources. You can avoid such a hefty recurring cost by outsourcing the same job to our experts. No need to pay for business-set up and training, our staff is highly trained and well-equipped. We leverage our years of knowledge and experience to provide cost-effective network security solutions to every enterprise.
  • Proactive Audit Approach- We proactively monitor your business network to prevent threats and stop an attack from escalating into a disaster or downtime. We spot existing network vulnerabilities and patch them. Our comprehensive assessment and audit uncover infected websites, end of support, outdated antivirus systems or dying hardware, or any other network-related weakness. We find out the root problem and fix it before it starts any digital catastrophe.
  • Safe IT Relocation/Migration- We helps you transport network data and resources safely and securely during your office or branch’s IT relocation. We keep an eye on your system and detect/stop a cyberattack before it initiates
  • Regular Reports Our cybersecurity team keeps you posted about the health and age of your network. In regular reports, we uncover potential vulnerabilities and the number of attacks we stopped during our services.
  • SOP Development and Training: Today, network security isn’t about installing antivirus, but it’s more about keeping your staff trained about the latest threats and security solutions. We train your staff about all the things they can or can’t do in the workplace while connecting with the internet. We educate them on the safe use of emails, downloads, websites, passwords, and other aspects. Our team of cybersecurity experts will develop network SOPs to avoid internal attacks and data breaches.

From spotting potential security weaknesses to disaster recovery solutions, we are here to help you out in every step of your network security journey. Call us now to make the most of our network security forward planning and consulting services.