Penetration Testing

Do you have any idea how vulnerable your business system and applications are? If not, then let us test your system with an intention to find out all about its vulnerabilities and potential weak spots. The expert team of LogicCircles will give you a clear idea about loopholes in your system through our top-notch Penetration Testing services.

We will simulate a cyber attack against your system to find a list of exploitable vulnerabilities and security risks. The purpose of pen testing or Penetration testing is to uncover system vulnerability to fine-tune Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Understand Five Stages of Penetration Testing

  • In the first stage, we will define the scope and goal of the test. A decision will be made regarding test type. It’s time to gather intelligence.
  • In the second stage, we begin scanning to get a clear picture of the application response to different intrusion attempts.
  • In the third stage, our expert will carefully stage an attack on the system and application.
  • In the fourth stage, we will keep the attack persistent and long enough to monitor system response and evaluate every vulnerable or weak spot. This stage may take months or weeks to get a clear picture.
  • In the fifth stage, we will analyze this attack and its response. It helps us gather crucial information like specific vulnerabilities, accessibility, sensitive data, how long the attack remained undetectable, etc.

Your company can’t afford cyber attacks, you may lose all sensitive data and information. Let us do thorough penetration testing to help you close all the loopholes and run your business safely.