Risk Management

Risk Management

No matter what your organization size or scale is, cyber threats are simply unavoidable. To remain competitive in this dynamic world, you need to embrace a risk-based approach to deal with cybersecurity threats. At LogicCircles, our experts help you apply this approach, which requires you to assess everyday risks to your business and find out whether your preventive measures are good enough to deal with a variety of threats.

You invest money, resources, and time as per your organization’s risk profile, so you save money alongside overcoming challenges related to cyber catastrophe—no more wastage of time, money, and resources on unlikely or irrelevant threats.

What is Cyber Risk Management?

It is a procedure of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and handling cybersecurity threats faced by an organization. This process initiates with cyber risk assessment. Organization gets a clear picture of threats- what these threats are and how severe the nature of these threats is. After the identification of these threats, experts analyze and evaluate them. Based on an organization’s priority level and risk appetite, experts decide to respond to these risks.

Four Step Process of Cyber Risk Management

  • Identification: Know what cyber threats can compromise your cybersecurity. This step highlights main system vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Analysis: Once all the threats are identified, the next big step is to analyze every risk. Cybersecurity experts try to find out how likely it is for a risk to affect an organization’s security system and what would be the extent of this impact.
  • Evaluation: In this step, experts try to determine how every risk fits within your pre-specified level of acceptable risk. Based on this evaluation, risk priorities are set.
  • Risk Response: Your organization gets four different ways to deal with every kind of risk.
  • Treat: Change impact and likelihood of the risk by putting in place the best security controls.
  • Tolerate: Retain the risk as it falls within an acceptable level.
  • Terminate:Expert end or terminate an activity that develops risk.
  • Transfer:Many organizations share cyber risks with a third party. The best options are outsourcing and insurance.

Every organization needs to work on its Cyber Risk management activities nonstop as threats are continually changing and their landscape has been evolving. There is a need to monitor your risk profile, review all the control and then make changes as and when required.

Why Do You Need Cyber Risk Management?

If you plan to stay compliant with information security standards, laws, and frameworks, then risk management is an absolute must.

Here are some standards and frameworks that make a cyber risk management approach a mandatory requirement.

  • ISO 27001
  • The NCSC’s (National Cyber Security Centre) 10 steps to cybersecurity
  • The CIS (Center for Internet Security) Controls
  • The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Our Risk Management Service

Cybersecurity experts from LogicCircles stand by the sides of our clients. They offer guidance and advice on the best approaches and techniques to manage cyber risk in the organization. We mentor our clients on keeping their cybersecurity systems align with the international standard for information security risk management, ISO 27005.

  • We develop a clear-cut context of internal and external risks and define scope, risk management framework, and boundaries.
  • We help you identify and assess risk alongside their consequences, likelihood of their occurrences.
  • Our experts connect with stakeholders and bring to light the likelihood and consequences of risk. We keep them updated about current and future risk statuses.
  • We identify ways to diminish the chance of risk occurrence.
  • Our team can prioritize risk treatment and acceptance.
  • We will monitor the risk profile and let you review the whole process as we do.
  • Our cybersecurity experts will educate stakeholders and staff about cyber threats and the most effective ways to mitigate them.

Who can make the most of Risk Management Service?

Our consultancy service is designed for organizations of any size and scale. Whether you have a small IT set-up or run a large-scale enterprise, we assure you deliver the best-in-class service. If your organization is a subtle mix of complicated legacy systems, advanced IT infrastructure, then it’s time to call our experts and make the system less complex and more understandable with their help and guidance.

Why Choose Us?

LogicCircles take pride in rendering the most effective and proven action plans to deal with emergency cybersecurity risks and threats. Our consultancy services let you handle your company’s risk profile in the best manner while staying compliant with industry standards.

Our dedicated team is committed to protecting clients and organizations from the evolving range of cyber threats in this highly punitive and privacy-driven corporate world. A subtle mix of our proactive approach with deep industry expertise makes us stand out from the crowd.

We help our clients take a risk-based approach to handle their IT-Infrastructure to take the most lucrative business decision.