Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know how vulnerable your business resource is to a future security attack?
Just when you are busy handling your day-to-day work set-up, hackers are investing their time and energy in finding blindspots or loopholes in your infrastructure. They can attack anytime, so it’s time to close all their entry points by availing of our automated and consultancy-led Vulnerability Assessment services.

Vulnerability Assessment


What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

It involves a comprehensive process of performing various tests on your business IT system and resources to identify, quantify, and remedify any vulnerability.

Are you wondering about the vulnerability concept?
A vulnerability means a system’s inability to withstand hostile threats or effects resulting from a hostile attack. In simple words, your system isn’t well-equipped to deal with any security threat. It is a deficiency that we can identify through some IT tests and scanning.

  • At LogicCircles, our cybersecurity experts perform a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of your information system and business resources. We conduct a thorough IT Audit that will identify, quantify and remedy any security threat you have.
  • The purpose of vulnerability assessment is to Identify a vulnerability, analyze and evaluate each business resource’s vulnerability, risk level assessment, and remediation.
  • Once the audit completes, we provide a Technology audit report to our clients. This report’s finding includes gap analysis, action plan, the recommendation for a system upgrade or downgrade, and training requirements.

What Types of Vulnerability Assessment Do we Offer?

Here are four common types of assessment that we can provide to our clients.

  • Database Assessment
  • Wireless/Network Assessment
  • Application Scans
  • Host Assessment

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment for Your business

Here are four benefits that you can avail of from our top-class services.

Understanding System Vulnerabilities
If your enemy blindfolds you, it’s impossible to win a fight with him. Similarly, if you don’t know how and where your system is vulnerable, it’s challenging to take some actions. Our vulnerability assessment’s most significant benefit is understanding at what point your system and its resources are susceptible to security threats. Once you know the problem, finding its solution is a no-brainer.

Vulnerability identification is a must because if you don’t see an attack coming, how can you make an action plan against it. Our vulnerability assessment will make your IT system ready for the forthcoming threat.

Understanding System Defense
Every business has a security system in its place. You may have an antivirus or some other protection software for your internal and external technology. You think you have set a security layer, but you don’t know whether this layer is strong enough to deal with dynamic cyber threats.
Every business spends thousands of dollars every year on IT security systems, but they don’t know whether these systems are working as amazingly as you expect them to be.

It’s our IT audit that will review your system’s defense mechanism. We will do penetration testing to check out the capability of your internal and external technology. Our services help you understand whether your defense controls are good enough to detect and deal with the latest cyber threats or not.

This information is crucial. If premium security software isn’t protecting your IT system, why are you paying for it? Don’t waste your money. You should know how efficient your defense controls are.

Risks Quantification
Every business encounters risks of varied levels. Some threats need immediate defensive mechanisms, while others can wait. As you have limited cyber defense resources, you can’t afford to invest them in low-risk threats.

Our Cybersecurity team doesn’t only identify risks but also quantifies them. We explain the level of risks so that you can allocate defense resources accordingly. We help you make the most of your resources so that your money doesn’t go down the drain.

Getting Action Plans
Knowing the vulnerability and risk level isn’t enough. Your business needs efficient and effective plans to handle threats at present and to prevent them in the future.

At LogicCircles, our security experts provide cybersecurity consultancy and render the best security tools to support your organization and limit a data breach’s damage.

Let us identify and rectify the weaknesses of your IT infrastructure through our efficient vulnerability assessment. We assure you that our complete IT Audit will help you transform these weaknesses into ultimate business strengths. Let’s grow together.