Digital Transformation

Penetration Testing

Do you have any idea how vulnerable your business system and applications are? If not, then let us test your system with an intention to find out all about its vulnerabilities and potential weak spots. The expert team of LogicCircles will give you a clear idea about loopholes in your system through our top-notch Penetration

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Data and Privacy Protection Services

Our Data and Privacy Protection experts will evaluate your business data privacy and help you make the best strategies to stay in compliance with data governance policies. Data Privacy Services We won’t let unauthorized people access confidential and sensitive data/information of your business. Our consultant set a secure system in place so your business can

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Application Security

Every business operation relies on numerous applications. What happens when one of those applications is infected and disrupts the whole system? Damage caused by one such application will spread like wildfire in the system and infect other applications in no time. Imagine closing your business operations in the different departments only to identify the root

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Network Security

How secure is your network against cybercriminal attacks and advanced data breaches? Installing antivirus software on your system won’t protect you from the latest cyber-attacks. The problem is business systems are static while hackers are highly advanced and evolving. They have been using new techniques to invade your system and misuse it for their financial

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Cyber Defense

In 2020, more than 50 percent of businesses reported cyber-attacks and data breaches. It’s time to take cyber defense seriously if you don’t want to go out of business due to ransomware, malicious attacks, and other sophisticated hacking methods. Our Cyber Defense expert uses a holistic approach to safeguard your business from the inside out

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I.T Policy Formulation

Your organization’s most critical asset is information that is constantly under attack and encounters some risks while you access and store information. This contingent risk to the information demands a proactive approach of IT Policy formulates that handles inherent challenges. Let us protect your valuable information asset through our dedicated IT Policy Formulation service. We

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