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LogicCircles limited gathers and processes personal data through the website The purpose of this privacy notice is to inform the reader about all the data we collect, where we use it, and user rights about data usage.

Who is LogicCircles?

Logiccircles offer top-notch cyber and cloud security services to a diverse range of clients and organizations. Our commitment to personal data protection is absolute.

 Personal Data

Here is the definition of Personal Data as per GDPR -General Data Protection Regulation:

“any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.”

Logiccirles may update this privacy notice from time to time. These latest updates provide details of personal data we process or based on some regulatory, legal, or operational grounds.

The date mentioned at the end of this page provides the time when we last updated our Privacy notice.

Why does LogicCircles gather and process personal data?

We gather personal data and information for the provision and administration of our products and services. 

The data obtained from you will be processed for the purposes mentioned in this notice. Here are reasons for processing collected data:

  • To deliver the product and services upon formal request from individuals and clients. (where this processing is essential for business operation and management and the legitimate business interest.)
  • To offer products and deliver the services requested by clients and individuals. (where this processing is vital for business operation and management and the legitimate business interest.)
  • To comply with rules and regulations enforced by laws, latest regulations, UK or European legislation. (Where the processing is essential for handling legal obligations).
  • To serve the marketing purpose of our business. For instance, we may utilize your data and information to discuss your interest in our services or share some information related to Logiccircles such as events, products, promotions, deals, events, etc.
  • To fulfill various other legitimate business purposes to share, via email, phone call, or post, our recommendations about other products or services from our ordinary commercial relationship. These offers may be similar to products and services that we already provided to you or that will be of interest to you. (where the processing is crucial for handling our legitimate business interests)
  • In case you are based in the EU or UK, we will take your prior consent and send you marketing copies, communications, and updates related to our events services and products or about our and your legitimate interest. You have full rights to withdraw your consent or opt-out of receiving such communication from our side at any time you want to.
  • If you are not based in the EU or UK, you may opt out of getting marketing updates and communications at any time. 
  • If you are not located in the UK or EU, you may opt out of receiving marketing communications and updates at any time.
  • To manage your marketing and non-transaction communication receipts, click on the “unsubscribe” link designated at the bottom of Logiccircles’s marketing email. Another way is to send a request to this email address
  • For ensuring a better and improved communication system of with you, the email you receive from Logiccircles may include standard tracking such as read recipet, open and click activities, etc. Logiccircles may keep complete track of information of your activity, the way you interact with the email messages, and related content.
  • To ensure security, we may use your data to protect Logiccircles and its third parties against security breaches, fraud, and agreements violations. ( where processing is required to meet our legitimate business interests).
  • To help us monitor our website, improve user experience, and demonstrate related digital advertising. This data may include but is not limited to web cookies and other online identifiers such as IP addresses.
  • Logiccircles guarantee our users that all the information and data we collect is for the sole purpose of legitimate business and doesn’t or will not constitute an invasion of your privacy. 
  • We ensure you that whenever we process your personal data for our legitimate business interest, we consider the potential impact of this process on you and your rights based on data protection laws. Our legitimate business interests do not override user interest automatically. We shall not use personal data from users for activities where our business interests are overridden or have any impact on you ( unless you grant us your consent or we are permitted to or required by law). Your full hold rights for launching an objection on this processing if you wish.

What kind of personal data we Process?

We collect and process the following data and information with the use of our website from you:

  • Your name 
  • Your company name
  • Email address/ID
  • Phone number 
  • Job Title
  • IP Address
  • Browser ID
  • Postal Address
  • Preferences related to marketing communications 

We will also process any other personal data or information you share with us through your consent.

Clients and other third parties who share personal information and data with Logiccircles must do so by staying compliant with applicable data privacy regulations.

How Do We Process Data Collected from Users?

We process data manually and electronically based on the purposes mentioned above and comply with the latest regulations. Only authorized LogicCircles employers and third-party processors are allowed to access your user data and information. We designated and trained all of such employees and third-party processors for data processing based on detailed instructions we provide them.

Period of Personal Data Storage and Retention 

We will store, process, and retain your personal data and details as long as it is essential to fulfilling the primary purpose of data collection by considering legitimate business needs for information gathering and retaining. We retain information for a specific period essential to stay in compliance with local, state, federal regulations or country-specific regulations, rules, and requirements or according to the Document Retention Schedule of Logiccircles.


LogicCircles intend to improve user experience by using web cookies precisely like other business websites. Cookies are small files stored in our system and offer Logiccircles a clear understanding of how a visitor explores, uses, and browse our website. 

You can adjust, set or change your web browser controls for refusing or accepting cookies. If you reject cookies, you may still use our website, while some functionality and areas of it may be restricted. The method you use to refuse cookies is different from one browser to another, and it is suggested to visit the help menu of your browser for detailed insight and information.

Disclosure: Personal Data Sharing with Third Parties 

Logicircles may entrust third-party processors who will assist us in the personal data processing for the purpose mentioned above.

Logiccircles may share data with our affiliates who act for Logiccircles based on the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice. 

LogicCircles has formal contractual agreements with all the third parties; we work to ensure that personal data collected from you should be used only for contracted services provided in a way consistent with our privacy policy.CRM and marketing automation service providers are some examples of Third parties. 

In a scenario where your personal data is processed by third parties and affiliates located outside of the EEA, we put appropriate safeguards for your data and information protection at the same or equivalent level as found in EU and UK data protection laws and legislation. 

We use the following safeguards:

  • We ensure that country is the subject of an EU adequacy decision
  • We ensure that transfers are regulated by the Standard Contractual Clauses requirements adopted by the European Commission or another adequate transfer mechanism.
  • Whenever we obtain any request to disclose personal data from regulators or law enforcement, our legal team carefully addresses and validates these requests. They thoroughly review any order legality. When there is a need to challenge the order, they do so under the law before disclosing any personal data.

Data Subjects Rights  

At any point when we are in the possession or processing your data subject, you or your data, you hold the following rights. 

Your rights as a data subject

Right of access: You have full rights to access personal data and information related to you that we hold. 

Right of rectification: If the data is incomplete or inaccurate, you have full right to rectify the data we are holding.

Right to be forgotten –You can ask us to erase data we hold from our records only in specific n circumstances.

Right to restrict processing –You have the right to restrict data processing when certain conditions are applicable. 

Right of portability: You have the right to transfer data that we hold to another organization.

Right to object – You hold complete right to object-specific kinds of data processing, for instance, direct marketing.

Right to object to automated processing- you have full right to object if your data is used for profiling or subject to automated processing legal effects. 

Right to judicial review: If Logiccircles refuses your request under the right to access, we will give you a reason why. You have full right to lodge a legal complaint.   

If there is a third party involved in your data processing, all of the above requests will be forwarded.

For submitting a request of exercising your right, please contact at

We may not always be able to address your request based subject to certain exemptions and legal considerations. For example, if your request impacts the duty of confidentiality, we owe it to other parties or entitles us to handle your request in a varied manner.

We have limited access to our office due to the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, so all the requests you submit via post may be delayed. For ensuring a quick and timely response for your response, please contact us by our email address-

Fully Automated Decisions

Automated decision refers to some decision about the individual that is based on automatic data processing and thus produces legal effects that adversely impact the individual involved.

Logiccircles doesn’t make any automated decisions related to your personal data. If, in any case, an automated decision needs to be made, we will give full opportunity to the affected person to express his views on an automated decision in question. The affected person will have full right to object to it.

What if You Don’t Share Some Personal Information with us?

In case you chose not to share some personal information, it may be an obstruction to vital information exchange for proper contract execution or service provision. We may not be able to offer you some services, or you may not have complete participation in our website activities. 

Third-Party Websites or Other Services

We are not responsible or held liable for privacy practices of any non-Logiccircles operated websites, digital services, or mobile apps, including those that are linked on Logicircles websites or services. We strongly recommend and encourage you to thoroughly review the privacy policies and notices published on their websites or digital portals.

Contact Us

For any questions, concerns, or complaints, please feel free to contact us.

We have limited office access due to the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, so all the requests received by post may be delayed. If you want us to address your request promptly, please contact us through our email address given below.

Company Name: LogicCircles

Postal address-71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

Email address

Policy updates

Time to time, Logiccircles keep updating privacy notice to reflect new changes to the personal data we process or based on some other legal, regulatory or operational reasons. The date you see at the bottom of this notice tells you when we last updated our privacy notice.


If an instance when you wish to submit a complaint related to your personal data processing by LogicCircles, please connect with us at this email

If you are not happy with the way we handle your complaint, you have full rights to complain to us directly with the Information Commissioner’s office in the UK ( or with your local supervisory authority